Curriculum-Based Online and Live Activities


Course Director
Edward J. Fox, MD, PhD
Central Texas Neurology Consultants
MS Clinic of Central Texas
University of Texas Medical Branch
Round Rock, Texas

Curriculum Description

The increasing number of disease-modifying therapies now provides patients with multiple sclerosis and clinicians alike with the opportunity to individualize treatment. However, various dosing strategies, tolerability profiles, monitoring requirements, and other factors need to be considered when choosing a treatment course for patients with MS; clinicians must work to align treatment goals with patient preferences and establish collaborative, trusting relationships to manage patients’ expectations and set realistic goals. In addition to ensuring a sense of collaboration with the patient, healthcare professionals must work collaboratively with one another and implement strategies for interprofessional education to optimize the comprehensive care of individuals with this disease. It is indeed well known that the members of different healthcare teams who learn with and from one another will more successfully provide high-quality, safe, and cost-sensitive treatment to patients.

To learn more about the role of interprofessional education in the care of individuals with MS, join Dr. Edward J. Fox for this engaging three-part educational activity.

Target Audience

This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of neurologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and other clinicians who treat patients with multiple sclerosis.