Curriculum-Based Online and Live Activities


Course Director
Eugene R. Bleecker, MD
The University of Arizona Health Sciences
Tucson, Arizona

Curriculum Description

Recent clinical findings point to the rapidly changing management landscape in severe asthma. Current evidence for novel targeted biologic therapies must be placed in the context of daily medical practice, including identification of patients who would benefit most from these agents. As the asthma treatment paradigm moves into the era of personalized medicine, patient education and shared decision-making have become increasingly more important.

Through this curriculum, we hope to provide healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of severe asthma with the necessary knowledge and skills to select the most appropriate therapy and communicate with severe asthma patients about the unique aspects of their disease and a management plan.

Target Audience

This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of allergists, immunologists, pulmonologists, and internal medicine physicians who are involved in the care of patients with severe asthma.